Sharing Futures Summer School, University of Birmingham, UK

“Interdisciplinarity and intergenerationality in planning sustainable urban environments” was the central theme of the summer school that took place at the University of Birmingham from August 24th-26th as part of the Sharing Futures project. The research network “Sharing Futures” aims to explore key challenges in planning sustainable urban environments. The inter-disciplinary project engages a varied project team interested in sustainable urban planning and the water and energy nexus. The summer school which was organised as part of the project brought together around 20 PhD students and Early Career Researchers from ten countries to discuss the challenges of creating sustainable communities across different disciplines.

During three days the participants engaged in interdisciplinary debates on environmental and energy justice and intergenerational responsibility, strategic design tools for climate adaptation, the engineering approach to water and energy issues, the social acceptance of new energy systems, community participation and engagement in research on sustainable communities as well as the link between complexity and tacit knowledge in sustainability research. Furthermore, participants visited two large-scale newbuild communities in the East Midlands that are committed to principles of sustainable urbanism to get practical insights into the benefits and challenges of creating sustainable communities.

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